panLab 2

A powerful spatial mixing solution. Designed to integrate seamlessly with QLab.


About panLab 2

panLab 2 is a powerful spatial audio mixing solution, designed to integrate seamlessly with QLab.

Using panLab 2, you can intuitively mix QLab Audio and Mic cues by positioning them on a virtual map of your sound system.

It shouldn't have to be complicated to get started with spatial audio mixing. We've designed panLab 2 to be so simple to setup that you'll be up and running in under 5 minutes.

Better still, as panLab 2 stores all the required output level information within your existing QLab cues, it isn't necessary to run panLab 2 during actual performances, only whilst you are programming your audio. That means that panLab 2 is a spatial audio mixing solution that doesn't add a single extra piece of hardware, or software, to your sound system.

panLab 2 is now sold by Innovate Audio LTD. To find out more and access a 7 day free trial, visit


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