A multi-point panner, designed for QLab


About panLab

panLab is a multi-point audio panner, designed to work exclusively with QLab.

Designed from the ground up for seamless integration with your QLab workspaces, panLab allows you to pan Audio, Video or Mic Cues between any number of audio outputs.

Venue plans can be added as backing images to the panner, allowing for the precise positioning of your speakers and sound sources in the virtual space.

Sequences of movements, which would have previously been highly time consuming to program, can be created with the click of a button within panLab. (QLab 4.0+ only)*

Panning is achieved using a bespoke algorithm, designed exclusively for panLab. However, the resulting levels are stored within the QLab Cue, so once your show is programmed, access to panLab is no longer required.

Connection to QLab is achieved via Bonjour, allowing you to remotely connect to any QLab machine visible on your local network.

panLab itself can be remotely controlled via OSC, allowing you to easily position sounds and set levels away from your production desk, for example via the TouchOSC app for iPad and iPhone. You could also remotely control panLab from a Streamdeck device, streamlining your design workflow. Full details of the OSC Dictionary can be found here.


*Due to limitations of the QLab OSC Dictionary, Sequences are only compatible with QLab 4.0 and higher, QLab 4.6 is recommended

Figure 53® and QLab® are registered trademarks of Figure 53, LLC. Daniel Higgott is not affiliated with with Figure 53, LLC and panLab has not been reviewed nor is it approved by Figure 53, LLC. 


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